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上海良平仪器仪表有限公司是一家专业研制、开发和生产各类天平仪器的企业,她传承了上海制造天平历史的底蕴, 积累了丰富的生产和实践经验,孜孜以求的努力使公司的产品获得了更新换代的提高,“丝丝精良,克克公平”是全体员工做事待人的指导思想, 公司以信誉至上,诚信为本为基石;持续改进,顾客满意是公司永恒的追求目标。   

本公司是由原上海天平仪器厂的部分生产、技术、销售转制而建立的非公有制企业,在经历了近二十年的发展, 公司目前已拥有近六千平米的自主厂房,七十多名员工,从年生产能力3千台提高到3万台。 从产品上看:现已拥有十六大系列上百个规格品种的产品,匠心独运的产品外形设计自成一派, 优良的产品性能保证了不同用户的使用要求。 公司产品涵盖了各种等级、不同称量的各类电子天平,水分测定仪,密度计等. 是上海市质量技术监督局认定的专业生产计量器具的企业之一。

本公司的产品广泛用于纺织、冶金、化工、食品、农业、医药、大专院校和国防科研部门。 产品不仅畅销国内,还远销亚洲、非洲、欧洲、美洲等国家和地区。   


Shanghai Liang Ping Instruments Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturing enterprise of researching, developing and producing various kinds of electronic balances, scales, weighing instruments. With the long pursuit of progress and rich experience in production and service, Liang Ping has achieved the leading position in the industry in China. “Keep quality the 1st place and keep fair to every one of our customer” is the company guide rules. The primary strategy is superior customer satisfaction. Liang Ping was reformed from SHANGHAI 2ND BALANCE INSTRUMENTS, which is the biggest state owner company in the industry. It’s been almost 20 years since it established.

Liang Ping was originally a small factory with 8 workers set up in 1999, after 19 years hard work, it has developed into one of the biggest Balance Instruments Company in China. Today, Liang Ping has built their own factory around 6,000 meter square in Shanghai with more than 70 workers and can provide more than 30,000 sets products per year, after years of design experience in production and market demand, Liang Ping divided their products from hundred of articles into 16 categories. And it is one of the manufacturers certificated by SMBQTS (Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision).

Products from Liang Ping are widely used throughout industry, education, medicine and science and achieved very good sales in South Asia, Europe, and North America.

We make every product with passion. And we focus on every detail of producing to ensure each of the products qualified. We provide top service, after all we hope we do business on the basis of mutual benefit.



电话:021-67755158  62726298  67755133
地址: 上海市静安区余姚路19号301C室





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